Having trouble with the syntax of a command? Want to find new commands? You're in the right place!

Moderation Commands

Moderation Commands help admins in your serveer perform high level actions with just a command.
 Name  Parameters  Example  Result
 $kick  @user, reason  $kick @bob being mean  Bob gets kicked from the server.
 $ban  @user, reason  $ban @bob being really mean  Bob gets banned from the server for being mean.
 $purge  amount  $purge 100  100 messages get deleted.
 $warn  @user  $warn @bob Bob gets warned.
 $config current  n/a  $config current  Tells you what channel is the mod log.
 $config  #channel-name  $config #mod-log  Sets the mod log to that channel. So any moderation action will be noted in this channel.

Economy Commands

A fun way to keep your server members engaged.
 Name  Parameters  Example  Result
 $balance  n/a  $balance  Says how much money you have.
 $pay  @user, amount  $pay @bob changing your ways  Bob gets money!
 $work  n/a  $work  User does a random task and gets a random amount of money.

Evida Commands

Evida is a server protection tool that requires all users to fill in a Google Captcha to join.

 Name  Parameters  Result
 $evida-config  #channel-name  This is the channel where users will have to verify.
 $evida-off / $evida-on  n/a  You can either turn on or off the server shield.
 $mverify  n/a  Incase you didn't get the verification link from Ellie, this makes it send it to you again.

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